Ganesh Himal Trekking 20 Days

The Ganesh Himal is named after the elephant-headed God of Good Fortune. The Ganesh Himal can clearly be seen from Kathmandu Valley. The Ganesh Range Peaks (Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV) stand out like crystal, that is the "Great Himalayan Chain" forming the skyline. This great Himalayan massif is contained between the valley of the Buri Gandaki in the west and Bhote Koshi in the east, which becomes Trishuli Khola in the lower section.

After we eat breakfast at the restaurant near by our office, we take a bus ride out of the Valley and up through the hills. The first glimpse of Ganesh Himal greets us, when we go crossing over the hills. After 5 hours bus ride we arrive at the trek starting point Betrawati. We are going to spend the first night of our outdoor adventure right nearby the Trishuli River at Betrawati in the small town. Our Guide gives a short lesson of trekking on the first night. He explains: why you are trekking in this region and what else you are going to explore in this region. He also explains about the altitude sickness and all the beautiful spots from where you can see an excellent view of mountains.

During the rest of our 14 days trip, we observe the different ways of life, culture and come in contact with the rural people in the small village, passing through the dense forestations and meadows. We cross through high Shing La Pass and Pangsang la pass which offers an excellent view of the massif Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Annapurna


Detail itinerary Program

Day 01

Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m) Transfert to Hotel

Day 02

free day in Kathmandu

Day 03

Kathmandu to Trisuli Bazar (600 m.) In the morning transfer to Trisuli bazaar with all the trekking equipment and the trekking staffs. We camp beyond the village, at noon we make a short walk around Trisuli Bazar. Bus drive is about 4.30 hours and the walk around Trishuli bazaar would be of 2 hours.

Day 04

Trisuli bazaar (600m) - Deurali (1600m): The walk begins by passing through free area and to rice field. We soon come at a bunch edge where a firm slope of about 1000 meters starts. We can see the local people walking on this trail as this is mainly used by the local people. We have lunch in the village Harkapur, small village. After lunch we continue walking and the last part of the walk is easily leads concerning flat unpaved. We camp on the school’s square area in Deurali. Today’s walk would be 5 to 6 hours, an ascent of 1000 meters. Overnight at Deurali.

Day 05

Deurali (1600m) - Thambu (1200m): The trail starts with firm steady walk up to Menggang (2050 m). The stunning views of some Himalayas from here possibly of Manaslu, Ganesh and Annapurna are seen. After a short but steep descent we let us reach the lunch place at noon. After lunch, we continue our walk about 4 hours, where descending down firmly during the first hours. We camp, if it is possible, in a rice plantation for the village of Thambu. The walk of day would be 6 to 7 hours, ascent of 500 m. and descent of 800 m. Overnight at Thambu

Day 06

Thambu (1200m)- Singang (1250m): We start today an easy walk through the trail used by the local villagers along the fields. We can see the farmers working in the fields too, we can also see the Ankhu Khola river lying already. We descend steep by the old stones staircase, and reaching to Ankhu Khola. We camp, depending on of the harvest time, in or beyond Singang in the field. We walk 5 to 6 hours, an ascent of 250m.and descent of 200 m.. Overnight at beyond Singang

Day 07

Singang (1250m) – beyond Borang Kohla (1500m): We start our walk with a descent in a superb gap where we have good chance to see the monkeys in the trees. We keep on walking and the spectacular views of Ganesh Himal get on the way. During our walk, we frequently see the impact of deforestation in the form of landslides which we pass and finally reach to the bank of Lisne Khola in a millet field, this will be our camp for the night. We walk about 5 to 6 hours, an ascent of 700 m. and descent of 500 m. Overnight below Borang Khola.

Day 08

Borang (1500m) - Chalise Khola (1400m): We cross the large part of landslide area and continue by the rice fields. We reach Borang Village, a colorful Buddhist portrait can be seen at the beginning of the village. After the lunch at Borang, we continue our trail firmly and get beautiful views of Ankhu Khola and the Ganesh Himal ahead of us. This area has been strongly cultivated and we can see the children everywhere greeting with smile and their enthusiastic "Namaste!". We descend now slowly in the direction of the Ankhu Khola and camp in the valley to the river of Chalise Khola. From here we can see 3800 meters tall Pangsang in East side which we will reach in 6 days later. We walk today 6 to 7 hours, an ascent of 400 meters and descent of about 450 meters. Overnight at Chalise Khola.

Day 09

Chalise Khola (1400m)-Above Hindung (2400m): We start from Chalise Khola (1400m) with a short, rather steep cliff from the valley of the Chalise Khola and continue our route along the Ankhu Khola River, which flows deeply under us. We pass a number of large landslides and see the Ganesh Himal, which always seems approaching towards us, the view is magnificent and impressive. We pass different Buddhist chortens and already can see the village Hindung lying, in the middle of between the uncountable terraces. After lunch at Hindung we still walk a long piece of trail steep increases to the camp site which is situated on pasture (Kharka). We walk today 5 to 6 hours, an ascent of 1050 meters and descent of 50 meters.

Day 10

Explore Hindung: Today we explore Hindung by going up to steep mountain trail to the peak of a hillock, from where the magnificent views of mountains like Ganesh IV (Pabil, 7052m) and the Ganesh II (7150m) and VII (6350m), can be seen. Also, are chances of seeing Langur (monkey) from the big long standing trees. And we retreat back to Hindung again and sleep there for the night. We may have walked about 4 to 5 hours today and an ascent of 550 m. and descent of 550 m.

Day 11

Hindung (2400) - Chalise Khola (the 1400m): We retreat back again to Chalise Khola that we have passed couple of days ago. We reach the camp site in noon by walking about hardly 3 to 4 hours. Our ascent of today would be 50 meters and descent of 1050 m. It is all the way coming down to Chalise Khola and camp for the night.

Day 12

Chalise Khola (2400) - Labdung (2300m): The trail starts going towards an old commercial trail in the direction of the Pangsang danda (3800 m), where our destination is yet to come. The trail and landscape becomes widened grand. We also cross the suspension bridge of the river along with enjoying the marvelous views on the trail, after Adha Khola by crossing suspension bridge we immediately climb to in the village Tipling. Beyond Tipling we find mani wall, the stone made mani wall built by the villagers with mantras, often heard chanting “Om mani padme hum"., Tibetan culture is witnessed in this region. Our camp will be here for the night. Our walk of the day would be 5 to 6 hours, by climbing up about 950 meters and going down of 50 meters.

Day 13

Labdung (2300m) – Marmelung Kharka (3300 m) Today we will be gaining the height. The landscape is simply eye catching with crossing the forests of rhododendron and watching our national bird “Danphe”. We still keep on continuing until we come to a big pasture (kharka), called as Mergang Kharka, where the cattle come to graze. We stop here for the lunch . Our walk will be immediately steep up after lunch, but, outstanding views of Ganesh, Manaslu and Annapurna mountain erases our fatigue. After 45 minutes of again steep walk and gentle level path we walk through the jungle of rhododendron and we camp in the middle of the forest where small kharka is there. Our camp site will be here at Marmelung Kharka. 4 to 5 hours walk today.

Day 14

Marmelung Kharka- Pangsang (3850m) - Somdang (3220m): Today we cross Pangsang La Pass (3850 m), it takes about 2 hours of steep walk, it is tough one, the place is considered as the phenomenal physical return investment due to outstanding and rewarding views of majestic mountains like Ganesh, Manaslu and of Annapurna. We descend down our trail for today is several ups & down crossing again through the rhododendron forest. The path continues with tress, shrubs and by the open field. Along the trail we will be witnessing the spectacular view of massive Langtang which view is amazing. Here the lifestyle is influenced by the Tibetan culture. After a short descent we reach the lunch spot, where the various kinds of large birds can be seen. After lunch we keep on walking our trail towards Somdang and after sometime we reach the camp site of Somdang.. Today we walk for 7 hours with about 700 meters ups and down, more or less. We camp at Somadang for the night.

Day 15

Explore Somdang: We take as a rest day today or those who are interested to walk around can go to place from where East side of Ganesh is easily seen. You can also walk up to the height of 4000 meters to have the beautiful views of Paldor Himal (5928 meters) from Lari mine (4110 m). This alpine place is full of vegetation. Our day hike would be about 6 to 7 hours with several ups & down.

Day 16

Somdang (3220m) – Gatlang (2770m): The trail continues by several ups & down path and also crossing Khurpudanda pass of 3700 meters, we walk through the fall slate of the Bamdang Khola. We come to see the nice views of Langtang very clearly on the way. The trail also crosses through heavily forested area. Sometime we may see Langur again. Today’s walk would be of 5 to 6 hours, and almost descending about 1050 m and climbing up about 450 meters. Our camp site will be at Gatlang
Day 17 Gatlang (2770 m) – Syabrubensi (1600 m): Our last day of the trek, we come to a Gompa (small monastery) where we can visit inside and learn the art & the culture of Buddhism, we again walk the trail which is known as the pilgrimage trail uses by the pilgrims. This beautiful trail leads along a lot of mani walls and small chorten which has been built by the pilgrims themselves. The colorful village is an enjoying sight of spot to cross. We keep on walking and now have the steep descent, we come at the river which we follow till Syabru Bensi. Today we walk about 7 hours, climbing up about 100 meters and getting down about 1300 meters We stop at Syabru Bensi where few lodges are available but we camp at a nice place at Syabrubensi for the night.
Day 18 Bus from Syabrubensi to Kathmandu: Our bus is ready to take us to Kathmandu after the breakfast. The long drive of about 9 to 10 hours will make us land at Kathmandu hotel in the evening.
Day 19 free in Kathmandu
Day 20 Transfer to airport for final departure.
Ganesh Himal Trekking

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