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  Trekking Grades  
  A: Easy walking.  
  B: Moderate walking although the trek itself may be quite long.  
  C: Fairly vigorous hill-walking.  
  D: Strenuous trekking involving altitude up to 18000ft, not always on established trails.  
E: Climbing involving snow and ice at altitude above 18000ft which Trek Grade to help you select a suitable trek we have given each a grade, although this is only a simple guide for comparison.The appropriate full itinerary will also help in decidingwhich trek is suitable for you. Remember start with a lower grade, you will enjoy your trek far more if your fitness level matches the grade so you are not physically overstretched. If you need help in choosing the right trek, we will be happy to offer advice without any obligation Easy.Treks involve up to 6 hours of walking a day, on good trails with plenty of time for sightseeing. Itineraries include rest days and altitudes generally do not exceed 3500 metres. However easy doesn’t mean never tired; anyone who enjoys regular exercise, weekend hill walking and is in good physical condition should easily cope with these treks. Easy is a relative term, there will be some exertion involved; trekking is rarely flat and includes ascents & descents. Moderate..Treks involve walking for 6 to 8 hours a day in more remote country, reaching altitudes of approximately 4500 metres. A reasonable level of fitness is required as there will be much ascent and descent with the occasional difficult day. A regular hill walking background is desirable but train well and you’ll be ready for these trips.

Demanding.Treks are hard, suitable for regular, longer distance hill walkers, they are generally more challenging and remote, involving 7 or 8-hour days, with altitudes up to 5895 metres. Some days may involve crossing a pass with up to 10 hours walking. Previous trekking experience is advisable but not essential if you are confident in your physical ability and have completed essential and appropriate preparation
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